3SSB Omaha: Notebook, Part I

Been traveling a good bit the past month and I’ve finally slowed down to write. In this two part look, I take a dive into my notebook from the Adidas 3SSB Session in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s still early in the club basketball season, which means teams and players look different right than they will in the summer as they play more games together with their teammates. Let’s start with the storylines. 

Kaden Magwood Helped Himself 

Known mainly for his scoring prowess, 2025 guard Kaden Magwood displayed his playmaking for Team Loaded VA. He finds the open man because he generates a lot of gravity from the defense. He was finding shooters on drives and making shots off the bounce, even when he didn’t have much space to get it off. One of the top players from the weekend, as he averaged 25 ppg, 4 rpg and 3.5 apg. 

Darryn Peterson Showing Why He’s a 5 Star

Phenom United finished the Omaha session with a 3-1 record. A large part was due to ‘25 PG Darryn Peterson. He averaged 23.7 pppg, 7.7 rpg, 2.3 apg and 3.0 spg. Peterson impacts the game on both ends. At about 6’5 and a legit point guard, Peterson utilized his combo of strength and burst off the bounce to get to the rim. He rebounds and attacks in transition and is also an adequate perimeter shooter. He’s always had a strong frame, but it seems Peterson added more muscle to his build and he’s generating space off of contact easier. 

Best Underclassman Performer: Caleb Holt 

A premier prospect in 2026, Caleb Holt for Game Elite has shown growth in his game. Last time I saw him was at the City of Palms Classic in December and he showed more comfort with the ball in his hands. This past weekend in Omaha, it seems as if the game is slowing down for him when he’s the lead guard. 

Holt's pace was good, he didn’t force many shots. He is a willing passer but he also knew when to turn on the gears and collect a bucket. Holt plays with a lot of power and he generates adequate lift on his pull-ups and finishes at the rim. Finished the weekend session averaging 24.5 ppg, 6 rpg and 2 apg. 

The Versatility of Koa Peat 

Versatility is key when it comes to basketball. For guards, wings, post, no matter the position, it makes no difference and Koa Peat is one who provides a lot of versatility offensively. Standing at about 6’8 with a large frame, Peat can handle the ball under pressure, operate in the mid-post or post for a bucket, can pass out of double teams,  rebounds out of his area and ignite breaks after securing a board.

I saw all that on display at the 1st Session of 3SSB as he led the Compton Magic to a 3-1 record and averaged 18.8 ppg, 7 rpg, and 2 apg.  

Moreno, Mullins Combo Propels Indiana Elite To a Spotless Record 

Indiana Elite won all four games in Omaha as they were clicking on all cylinders. Good ball movement, 3- point shot making with a formidable interior presence. 

‘25 Malachi Moreno was the interior presence. The 6’11 big man ran the floor well and showed good touch around the rim. He has real upside as a shooter down the road, and altered shots defensively. 

For the shooting, ‘25 Braylon Mullins shot the cover off the ball. He has a quick trigger on his jumper, and is a versatile shooter that made shots off the bounce, move and spot up situations. Capped off the weekend averaging 20 ppg, 3 rpg and 2 apg.

2027 Ryan Hampton Checks A Lot of Boxes

Ryan, the younger brother of NBA player RJ Hampton, suited up for Game Elite on the 15U level and he showed why, albeit it being early, that he’s within the top tier of 2027 players in the country. Standing at about 6’6, Ryan Hampton has a smooth shooting stroke from deep off the catch and thrives in transition as an attacker to the rim. He averaged 23 ppg and 8 rpg.  

There's still plenty of room for growth, but Hampton's scoring prowess, combined with his length and emerging vertical pop, allows himself to be a difference maker on the court. 

Player Notables 


Moustapha Thiam, 7’1 C - SE Elite: Big man’s that’s mobile and has a nice touch around the rim. Also saw range with his shooting. Mobility mixed with shooting upside and rim protecting was on display. 

Mikel Brown, 6’3 PG - Team Loaded NC: Very skilled guard that we’ve seen grow not only in skill but height and athleticism during his time in high school. Perimeter shooting, has a high passer feel and because his range extends beyond the 3-point line, it gives his teammates more room to operate on the court. 

Joson Sanon, 6’5 Guard - BABC: A big-time shot maker that showed shiftiness off the bounce. Clean pull-up game from three and the mid-range area. Was in attack mode offensively and defenses had to put their best perimeter defender on him. Averaged 21 ppg and 5.8 rpg. 


Gabe Weis, 6’6 SF/PF - Wildcat Select: Size, skill and IQ standout when watching Weis play. Dependable perimeter shooter that attacked closeouts well. Also liked his control when he had the size advantage inside. Holds adequate footwork and uses his body well to generate space before he launches. 

Brandon Bass Jr., 6’3 Guard - SE Elite: Really showed his scoring prowess this past weekend. Thought he did a good job as a secondary ballhandler and attacking closeouts from the wing when the ball was swung to him. Showed why he’s on the high end of prospects in 2026. 


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