Channing Frye & Richard Jefferson React to RJ’s Trade To The Hawks

When the news of Richard Jefferson, little-man dunker Kay Felder and two future 2nd-round picks were being sent to the Hawks for a couple of guys with names nobody can pronounce (Dimitrios Agravanis and guard Sergey Gladyr) hit the internet, the first thing most people said was, “Is Kendrick Perkins still on the team?” The second thing was, “How is Channing Frye — co-host of the Road Trippin podcast — going to cope?”

The amusing video above and instagram post below answers the second question and reveals what the (future Buck?) really thinks of Frye.

Frye also had this to say about his friend.


“Do I feel bad for him? Have you seen his house in L.A., in Manhattan Beach? He’s living good,” Frye said. “He’s doing OK. He’s not dying. S—, he’s just not on this team. We have a really good team, and this team has to do not what’s best for Channing’s best friend to be here or for Richard to be here, they have to do what’s best for Cleveland, and right now we got really freaking good players on this team. … He’s going to be my boy. Hopefully he’s not calling me too much if he’s bored. But we’re good.

“He’s had a good career, and if he goes somewhere else, someone is going to get a good player. … He’s going to go somewhere else, and he’s going to help that team. He’s a pro. He’s a good dude, and you got to get past his bad jokes, but it is what it is.”