DeMar DeRozan SICK Switch Hands Oop Windmill + James Harden Shows Off Handle! Elite 24 Midnight Run Top 10!

1. James Harden - rips his man, then crosses him up and hits the j, then he embarrasses the same guy on defense all in one sequence
2. DeMar DeRozan - catches the sick switch hand alley oop windmill
3. Andrew Harrison - drives to the hoop and dunks on a trailing Jabari Bird
4. Will Barton - Barton catches Mudiay off guard and puts back a two hand dunk over him
5. James Harden - crosses up his helpless defender then hits the 3 pointer
6. Wayne Seldon - Catches a sick 1 hand full extension oop from Keith Frazier
7. Will Barton - catches Julius Randle off guard with the two hand dunk
8. Keith Frazier - kills the oop off the back board
9. Rondae Jefferson - catches the sick 1 hand extension bounce pass oop from DeMar
10. Rondae Jefferson - catches a two hand tomahawk alley oop dunk


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