Kobe on Jimmy Kimmel, Bryant didn't enjoy the Lakers celebration vs the Celtics

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Heard any good Kobe stories lately?  From GQ to Ahmad Rashad to Grantland, "Mr Glass" has been on a media tear in the past month as if he was a on a press tour for a movie coming out this weekend.

The latest stop was Jimmy Kimmel Live where he discussed everything from Michael Jackson to Bill Clinton to James Harden to retirement and the Lakers celebration after the win against the Celtics. Well, actually they didn't discuss it because Kobe pulled a no comment when Jimmy played the video for him.  Jimmy then compared Kobe to JK Simmon's Oscar winning performance in (my favorite film of the year) Whiplash. Kobe said he never slapped a teammate but I can see Kobe doing this to a Kwame Brown.