Kobe Bryant puts on heroic performance vs GS before tearing Achilles | Tearful Post Game Interview

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Kobe Bryant

 “A terrible feeling. … I made a move I’ve made a million times, and [the Achilles] just popped.” - Kobe

Kobe put on another heroic performance that ended with him walking off to a standing ovation and despite the Lakers being able to pull out a comeback victory, the tears on Kobe's face after the game was not that of joy.  It's believed that Kobe tore his Achilles in the game that constantly saw him get hurt, get up, hit a clutch shot and get hurt again before hitting more clutch shots.

Before the disastrous season started, Kobe already had "greatness" synonymous with his name but like all greats at what they do, they continue to find ways to become greater and what Kobe has been doing in the past couple of months since his playoff guarantee ranks up there with the greatest efforts I have ever seen in sports.

Kobe is scheduled to undergo an MRI on Saturday morning but it looks like the season for the 34 year old Bryant is over. Despite worst case scenario headlines by the media and near future retirement talk, Kobe doesn't think this a career ending injury at all.



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