Lonestar Top 100 Camp: 2025 Standouts

The Lonestar Top 100 Camp goes back over a decade ago and I was glad to be back in the gym. Stats were provided by Xccelerated Sports Metrics and there was a loaded crop of talent. In this edition, we headline the 2025 class and the junior prospects that performed well.

Bryce Melvin is Making High Major Case

A lot to like about Bryce Melvin of RWG Stem. At 6-foot-4 ish and making the transition of playing more on the ball. A year ago at this time, he was more of a spot-up candidate but now we are seeing his shot creating capabilities and playmaking. The pass that leads to the assists, 3-point shooting and utilizing his strong canvas to seal and gain advantageous positioning for rebounds. Averaged 10 ppg, 6 rpg, 3 apg on 50 percent shooting. In a loaded 2025 class nationally and in the state of Texas, Melvin is putting himself on the tier of the high major prospects. He just needs to be consistent and add to the resume. Big school year ahead for him.

Backcourt Standouts

Cam Marks, 6’1 PG - John Paul II: Cam was good. Actually, he was really good and with his up and down spring/summer performance-wise, I thought I saw the Cam I'm accustomed to seeing. A crafty guard that balances playmaking and scoring. When his motor is on and he stays in attack mode with the ball in his hands, he looks like a higher end D1 prospect. Averaged 18 ppg, 5 rpg, 4 apg on 72 percent shooting. Was the best guard performer at the camp regardless of class. 

Jamison Thrower, 6’3 CG - WT White: A strong framed guard that gets downhill and finishes well. A late bloomer of sorts that actually didn’t play much during the 2022-23 school year on varsity. He’s tough, he gets where he wants, defends the full length of the floor and is emerging as a D1 prospect in the 2025 class. Averaged 11 pppg and 3 rpg a game.

Ardon West, 6’3 SG - WT White: A burly built off-guard that got to the paint. Utilized strength and frame combined with handle to get to the rim and displayed the ability to make an open perimeter jumper to keep the defense honest. Averaged 7 ppg on 50 percent shooting.

Jaylon Brown, 6’2 PG - Dallas Skyline: Jaylon is made a statement as a prospect in the 2025 class in Texas. Good positional size and length, plays with a chip on his shoulder and shifty with the ball. What’s more impressive is how much better Brown got in the past year. A downhill guard that competes on both ends and can impact games in a multitude of ways. Averaged 11 ppg, 4 rpg and 4 apg. A lot of upside with this one. 

Dillon Watt, 5’11 PG - Greenhill: A pg with a good feel for the game. Didn’t do much at all the first game, but the second game he showed his playmaking and scoring. Good as a decision maker on ball screens, able to find the roller or open man for the shot and in transition he finished well and also made the right read. Had 8 points, 3 assists and 4 rebounds in his second game.

Smith, Sanders, Kalala Headline Front Court Standouts  

A decent amount of prospects with height were at the camp but three stood out amongst the crop of guys in 2025 and that was DJ Smith, Vonte Sanders and Isaiah Kalala. Smith is a 6-foot-9 forward out of Denison HS. He’s on the thin side, but he shows skill and feel. Faced up and made mid-range jumpers, used length to alter shots at the rim; made tips to his teammates on offensive rebound attempts to keep the possession alive. DJ Averaged 10 ppg, 8 rpg and one block per game.

Sanders, at about 6’7-6’8 gets a lot done. A high motor forward that’s agile. Sanders runs the floor, can grab rebounds and push, and also make shots as a trail guy. Like his offensive versatility and motor. Averaged 15 ppg, 5 rpg on 54 percent shooting.

Kalala in my opinion was the top performer, around the same height as Sanders, maybe a little taller, he shot the ball quite well from deep. More known as an athletic finisher, we saw more skill from him in this setting. Facing up and attacking the slower footed bigs, made 3-pointers comfortably from top of the key as well as doing what we know he excels at, and that’s playing above the rim on finishes. Averaged 17.5 ppg, 6 rpg on 64 percent shooting and 62 percent from three.

Other Front Court Standouts

Juan Areche, 6’6 PF/SF - Universal Academy: A skilled forward originally from Dominican Republic. Assertive with the ball in his hands and looked to get to the rim with his handle. Has a promising canvas that you can add weight to. Really more comfortable playing the three, but he’s a mismatch forward with a solid feel for the game. Averaged 12.5 ppg, 6 rpg on 60 percent shooting.

Josniel Hernandez, 6’5 SF - Universal Academy: Also from Dominican Republic, Hernandez is an athletic slasher that thrives in the open court as a finisher. On the skinny side, but has no problem absorbing contact and looking to finish. Active two-way guy that plays off his athleticism. 

Ambrose Carter, 6’6 PF/SF - WT White: A tweener with a strong frame. Athletic, runs the floor and showed ability to attack closeouts and finish at the rim.

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