NBA Players React To Donald Trump’s Presidential Victory

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Despite heavy backing from celebrities and athletes – including LeBron James, Steph Curry, Carmelo Anthony, Magic Johnson, JR Smith & Mavs owner Mark Cuban – Hilary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential election to Donald Trump.

So does this mean a bunch of people are going to move out of the country? Like Samuel L Jackson, who told Jimmy Kimmel, “If that motherfucker becomes President, I’m moving my black ass to South Africa.” Hell no it does not! People are all talk and I bet many of the most vocal critics of Trump on social media and fans/followers of the celebs and athletes above didn’t even vote (Note: Clinton beat Trump in the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College). But if you are interested in leaving this great country instead of trying to make it a better one, according to Joel Embiid on Twitter, “We’re all from Africa and will welcome you back.”

Here’s what a few other NBA players had to say about Trump becoming our 45th president of the United States.

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As I woke up today looking and searching for answers on what has happened this song hit it right on the head! If we continue the faith(as hard as it may be to do so) we will BE ALRIGHT!! Parents and leaders of our children please let them know they can still change the world for the better! Don't lose a bit of faith! They're our future and we must remain stronger than ever!! Yes we all wanna lace up the boots, put on the hard hats and strike but that's not the answer. Love, genuine LOVE and FAITH will be the only thing that can get us through this. Minorities and Women in all please know that this isn't the end, it's just a very challenging obstacle that we will overcome!! The man above will never put something in our paths that we can handle no matter how difficult it may feel/be! To all the youth out there I PROMISE I'll continue to lead u guys every single day without no hesitation!! Time to educate and even more mold my children into being the greatest model citizens they can become in life! They will continue the legacy beyond life! Lastly, Even if whos now in office doesn't, Know that I LOVE YOU'LL!!!

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