Steph Curry Makes 69-of-75 Threes In Practice, Talks About Shooting Slump

How is this guy the greatest shooter of all-time? He missed six wide-open threes during practice! Not in a game but in practice, where the average NBA "scrub" can be seen knocking down 10 or more threes in a row.

I'm obviously being sarcastic and just felt like making "the greatest shooter of all-time" knocking down 69-of-75 threes in practice not look so damn impressive. The most impressive thing about Curry rarely missing threes for three minutes is him knocking down 38 in a row, which is six more in row than he made in this video of him and Kevin Durant doing the "30-by-35" workout.

The shooting exhibition looks night and day compared to how he's been shooting against the Rockets. In Game 2, he only made 1-of-8 threes and is now 2-of-13 for the series. You can defend him by saying he's not 100% healthy but he did make 44% of his threes against the Pelicans.

“I think Steph’s healthy." Coach Steve Kerr said after practice. "He’s moving fine. But this is more rhythm than anything.”

“I only need one” Curry said. “That’s all I need...I don’t really need any. I have confidence in myself. Teammates have confidence in me to do what I need to do. I never worry about it. I know how hard I work at it. It’s not a false sense of confidence. I know how hard I work at what I do.”

Teammate Kevin Durant was also asked about Steph's shooting slump. He responded by saying he's not one bit worried about it and agreed that Steph is the "best shooter to ever play."

Back to the original shooting video, it ends with a cameo of coach Steve Kerr talking to his former Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen, who has been in the news recently for changing his mind about the "Who is the GOAT?" debate for the 38th time.


My favorite "he hit how many" story belongs to former Warrior Wilt Chamberlain. My second belongs to former Warrior Gilbert Arenas, who once won a $20,000 bet by making 73-of-100 COLLEGE threes...using just one hand...while Deshawn Stevenson was trying to distract him by pretending to shoot the ball next to him.

Gilbert also has my favorite 'shooting contest" in practice story. Here's Caron Butler's crazy version of it.

Source: Mercury News