T3TV Battle Royale: Top Performers!

T3TV has firmly established itself as one of the best new age event companies the Midwest has to offer for the youth. Merging elite media coverage with a broad age group and some of the best teams from the region (and beyond), you’re always bound to find something at a T3TV event. For Memorial Day weekend, the T3TV Battle Royale brought teams from more than a dozen states to Ohio to prove who is next in line.

With elite young prospects such as A.J. Dybantsa, Jerry Easter, Marcus Johnson, and Latrell Almond all enhancing their top-25 reputations after strong showings at T3TV events, the opportunity is certainly there to gain some notoriety. Each team had to win at least five games to take home the crown, and there were a number of prospects who you will certainly be hearing from down the road (both in high school basketball and recruiting circles) who put on a show.

Here are some of the top performers from the 2023 T3TV Battle Royale:

Maceo Bronston, 6’8, PF/C, Nati Elite, 2027
While his team didn’t have quite as much success as they hoped for, Branston certainly proved to be one of the highest upside players that T3TV had to offer. The agile big man was great running the floor, had no problem defending the perimeter in short stretches, and was outstanding as a rim protector. Once you toss in the intriguing touch that he has facing the rack and the fact that he doesn’t appear to be done growing, you see why he’s one of the sleepers in Ohio’s ‘27 class.

John Johnson, 6’4, SG, Swish Parker Elite, 2027
If you were to track scoring for the 2027 group, I find it hard to believe that anyone dropped more buckets than Johnson in the eighth grade division. The super smooth wing initiated the offense at times, played with a constant level of aggression, and was a creative finisher at the rack. Johnson has the potential to be next in line from Canton, OH, which has produced the likes of C.J. McCollum, Kosta Koufos, top 5 2025 Darryn Peterson, and more.

Gabe Pridemore, 6’1, PG, Midwest Basketball Club, 2027
A player that I was not familiar with going into the event, Pridemore showed why he’s already created a bit of a buzz in his home state of Kentucky. He played the game with exceptional poise, was super crafty, and shot the lights out from deep. Already having played varsity as an eighth grader for Russell HS, Pridemore is a definite rising freshman to watch in the Bluegrass State.

Tre Parham, 5’10, PG, The Family, 2027
One of the most productive guards of the rising freshman division, Parham filled up the stat sheet in every game that we saw at T3TV. Parham continually put pressure on the defense any time that he had the rock, shot the ball well from the perimeter, and threw defenders off with his change of speed. Based on his level of play in Cincinnati, he appears to be one of the more interesting lead guards that Michigan has to offer for the class of 2027.

Cameron Wagner, 6’9, C, Mac Irvin Fire, 2027
The biggest player that we saw throughout the weekend was certainly Wagner from the Mac Irvin Fire. Not just a big body, Wagner carved out great position on the block, showed off nice touch around the rack, and rebounded the ball well positionally. The lefty is also apparently a really nice baseball prospect as a pitcher, so he will undoubtedly be fine whichever route he opts to follow.

Dallas Stewart, 5’9, PG, BNU, 2029
Already having established a name throughout his class, Stewart completely controlled the tempo of the game throughout the weekend in BNU’s undefeated championship run in the younger brackets. The lefty consistently had his head on a swivel, played the game with extreme confidence, and used his sturdy frame to finish through contact anytime that he got to the rack. Ballislife was there with no shortage of film on Stewart’s dominant performance.

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