The hilarious night when CP3 led the Rockets through a secret tunnel to confront the Clippers

One of the many, many reasons why INSIDE THE NBA is one of the greatest sports shows of all-time is because of hilarious, unexpected and chaotic moments captured in the video above. And the subject of that timeless video is when the President of the Player's Union, Chris Paul, led Trevor Ariza, Gerald Green and an injured James Harden through a "secret tunnel" into the Clippers locker room to confront Blake Griffin, Trevor Ariza and an injured Austin Rivers...on "Equality Night" for MLK day. If that wasn't crazy enough, LAPD WAS CALLED!

NBA Twitter Legend and host of the Trill Withers Show, Trill Withers himself, joins the FIRST BALLET PODCAST to discuss this iconic NBA moment that easily ranks as one of the greatest nights in NBA Twitter history.  

Showtime Codes:
(11:44) Covering the One Championship
(12:59) Fast Food Bracket
(17:00) Neil's Shake Shack Offer
(22:04) A Round of Baseball Names!
(26:46) The Snarky Nature of Chris Paul
(28:52) Pat Beverly's loud silence
(33:36) Blake Griffin: a civil war survivor
(36:02) Who wrote that..?
(40:59) Inside the NBA
(42:07) Shaq's elite skill
(46:48) The SNL of the NBA
(49:42) Playing for your Dad
(53:00) The Best NBA Twitter Moments
(01:03:01) Trill's Favorite Fast Food Chain

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