1996 Preseason Bulls vs Bullets Fight: Rasheed Wallace Hits The Ref With A Ball

Published on September 13th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 4,712 views

Before any of the 30 ejections or 300+ regular season technical fouls (including a NBA record 41 during the 200-2001 season), Rasheed Wallace showed in a preseason game during his rookie year vs the eventual 72-10 Bulls that he and the refs weren’t going to be the best of friends.

During a scuffle between Bulls center Luc Longley and Chris Webber, Rasheed thought it was a good idea to bring a ball to a fist fight and sucker punch Luc in the back of the head. He missed Luc and ended up hitting an innocent casualty: the ref, in the head. Luc and Webber were both ejected and surprisingly Rasheed, who was held back by fellow UNC alum Michael Jordan, was not.  I guess the Ball Does Lie sometimes.

As for the game, the Bulls destroyed the Bullets 112-87 and the Webber-less Bullets didn’t do much better in the regular season. In their first regular-season meeting, Rasheed scored 17 in a loss that saw Jordan go for 46.  Their next double digit loss saw MJ go for 32 and in their final meeting, Sheed only scored 4 in a 17-point loss, while MJ scored 37 in 36 minutes.

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