KD, Melo, Wade & Other NBA Players Respond To "Nonsense" Rankings


One of the most fun players to praise over the summer has been Carmelo Anthony's alter-ego "Hoodie Melo." The hooded baller is perceived to be so good, he was given a NBA2K rating of 98. But, all of the viral clips and stories making him out to be some type of mythical figure didn't seem to matter to a few journalists behind a couple of controversial NBA ranking lists.

On Tuesday, the internet went nuts at the sight of seeing the man under the hood -- 10 x NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony -- being ranked 37 (two spots behind Khris Middleton) on one and 64(!) on another. The 64 on ESPN's list is 33 spots lower than he was last year, one spot behind rookie Lonzo Ball and nine behind Robert Covington.

"Can't Make Sense Out Of Non Sense!." Replied Melo on his Instagram account. "As long as I know I'm nice, fuck it, I'm my own fan. A certain darkness is needed to see the stars. ESPN, don't be so blatant with the disrespect."

Chris Brickley -- the man behind the Black Ops sessions that has made Hoodie Melo a summer icon -- also took to IG to share his thoughts on ESPN and their list.

"It's funny, I was just reading that several outlets were reporting that ESPN was near collapse as a network. They lost more than 600,000 subscribers in the month of November.......I guess when a media outlet like ESPN wants more clicks/views they create controversy. #TheSeasonWillTellTheStory #stayme7o"

Kevin Durant replied to the post with, "Death to ESPN LOL."

As disrespectful as Melo's ranking was on the ESPN list, it wasn't as disrespectful as Dwyane Wade's place on the list because the 35-year old, 3 x NBA champ wasn't even on the list, which included guards like Rodney Hood, Gary Harris, JJ Redick and Andre Roberson between 80-100.