(1988) Michael Jordan scores 59 vs the Bad Boy Pistons | Jordan Rules Is Born

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It seems like I'm posting a Michael Jordan "this day in history" post every single day. There's a good reason for that and it has nothing to do with Nike's marketing or old-timers who think everything was better in the analog days. It's 100% about how consistently great the GOAT was.

via Sports Illustrated

On the afternoon of April 3, 1988, Jordan embarrassed Detroit by scoring 59 points in a nationally televised game that Chicago won 112-110. That wasn't the first time Jordan had worn out the Pistons—he had gone for 49, 47, 61 and 49 against them during various games in previous seasons. But after the 59-point effort, Detroit coach Chuck Daly had seen enough. "We made up our minds right then and there that Michael Jordan was not going to beat us by himself again," says Daly. "We had to commit to a total team concept to get it done."

So Daly and his assistants at the time, Ron Rothstein and Dick Versace, created a defensive game plan just for Jordan. Each Piston had specific responsibilities: Jordan has the ball on the wing, you go there, you do this; Jordan is posted up on the right box, you check him there, you watch for this, and so on. Collectively these responsibilities became known as the Jordan Rules.


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