Bol Bol Fouls Out In Second Game With 11/6/3

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Bol Bol Spencer Freedman

When you are 7 feet tall, you’re gonna get some s#*t from the opposing team. In this case, you get shit even though you’re winning by 20. In Bol Bol’s second game of the season after thankfully being cleared by the CIF mid season, Bol calmly pointed to the score board late in the game as Mater Dei Handily beat St John Bosco 67-49. Spencer Freedman led the way for the Monarchs with 13 points while dishing out a few assists along the way. Makani Whiteside was the bright spot for the Braves finishing with a game high 17 and some crowd pleasing plays to go along with it.

Bol Bol ended up with 11 points 6 rebounds and 3 blocks per Devin Ugland (