8 Minutes Of The "Best" Ref Highlights From Warriors-Rockets GM6

Despite having a 39-22 lead after the first quarter, the Houston Rockets ended up losing 115-86 to the Golden State Warriors in Game 6.

Warriors fans will tell you the Rockets had no answer for Steph Curry (29 points with 5 threes) and Klay Thompson (35 points with 9 threes) and it was their defense that held the Rockets to 25 second half points, including a pitiful nine in the final quarter. Rockets fans will tell you James Harden didn't attempt a second-half free throw and the team lost because the Warriors had eight guys on the court at all times. The three extra guys they are referring to are officials Ken Mauer, David Guthrie and Ed Malloy.

As expected, the refs made some questionable calls and some very questionable calls and a couple of 'are you fucking kidding me calls?" But I'm not willing to pull an Ayesha and say the game was rigged and the NBA just wants two Game 7s because the last time it happened was in 1979.

What I will do while we wait on the official Two Minute Report is post this eight-minute compilation video showcasing the "best ref highlights" from the night.