Airdogg Wins 2014 NIKE 3on3 Dunk Contest + Best Misses Inc Double Eastbay!!

The Annual NIKE 3on3 Dunk contest took place earlier today right across the street from the Staples Center at LA Live. The contest featured the likes of Chris Staples, Michael "Airdogg" Stewart, Jonathan Clark & Michael Purdie. Airdogg has been itching for a dunk contest victory for the last month and a half and finally came out the victor as Staples was not able to make a dunk his first dunk in the final round. Do keep in mind, that dunk was a double up (under the legs over a person) over a motorcycle. Had he made this dunk, the contest would have been much more difficult to decide the victor. Congrats to Airdogg and the victory, I'm gonna still need my cut for my suggestions!!

Peep the top misses of the contest below. Jonathan Clark came PRETTY close to hitting a double eastbay in warmups. This is a dunk that people from Air Up There to G-Smith have been trying for years. G-Smith has told us that he once backrimmed an attempt....however whenever we were filming, he could barely touch the rim. This was definitely the closest I have witnessed someone getting to completing the dunk. Also in the misses are a 360 eastbay opposite way, 360 behind the back, 360 under both legs and of course the double up over the motorcycle. Enjoy!



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