Meet "Baby LeBron" from the CourtKingz Streetball tour

Players in this post:
LeBron James Tony Bradley

He's a "King", he has the beard, he has the off 1 foot power dunks and he even has the post dunk celebration down. 6'6 Jamal Rodgers nicknamed "Baby LeBron," is the new streetball star that is currently travelling with high flyers like Guy Dupuy and Michael Blue and ankle breaking legend Hot Sauce on the CourtKingz tour.

Check out the mentioned names along with Mani Love, Zig Zag, Jared Roth and the other Court Kingz playing the Brevard Enforcers.  Unless you grew up in Brevard County (like me), I don't expect you to know where in Florida that is.

Shout out to 6'10 sophomore Tony Bradley for wearing our shirt.





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