Ballislife Bets is now partnered with Props.Cash!

Ballislife Bets is proud to announce we have partnered up with Props.Cash.

By visiting, bettors can simply type in the code 'BIL', which gives first time users 25% off the first month of the $19.99 monthly subscription. In this case, it provides customers the ability to test the full tool. I promise you; I use this for my daily bets, and it's been the best tool for all my betting needs. I'm up over 3.5 units this month, and my bets have drastically improved since using Props. Cash.

What is Props.Cash?

With increasing popularity in sports betting across America, there are several mechanisms to help increase the chances of winning. Created by Pete Smaluck, admitting his first ambition was to teach math, he's created a program that uses a clean interface to help bettors make smarter picks. Using recent trends and data, the app allows users to quickly find the best odds for prop bets. Additionally, there's a tutorial provided that breaks down the various tools, including sorting odds and probability by sports, games, and types of prop bets.

Do you bet on the NBA, NFL, MLB, WNBA, and more? Props.Cash takes dozens of statistics that would take hours and several tabs and combines them into one area. More impressive, it's remains one of the fastest player prop research tools on the market. For example, let's reference the NBA. You can look up odds and projected differential for each player. Do you want to look up how many projected points Steph Curry will have tonight against the San Antonio Spurs? Props. Cash provides estimated odds for total rebounds, points, assists, steals, combinations, and so forth. The best part? You can find information and the best odds in a matter of minutes.

Why this app is the best out there

Designed for prop bettors, Props.Cash is a brilliant app that provides users with accurate data, along with visualizations and trends. For me, it helps pick daily props much more effectively and efficiently. An app designed for beginning and advanced bettors, it's extremely concise, and gives accurate information in real time.

The best part about the entire app, it dives deeper than just betting odds and probability. Do you want to see Steph Curry trends over the last five games? Ten games? Props. Cash is so detailed, it provides graphs of input across a period of time, along with detailed statistics against the opposing team. Including accurate injury reports, you can see how other players faired against certain teams, and the probability of the prop hitting based off minutes played and other factors. In fact, you can also break down player statistics at home, on the road, and it shows the top lines from major sports books.

What are player props?

Prop bet stands for proposition bets and have become increasingly popular.  Instead of betting on a game, a prop bet is the outcome of how a particular player performs in that game or event.  Instead of wagering on a money line, spread, or totals, you can focus on one player, or combine them together into a Same Game Parlay, which will be discussed below.  For example, let's focus on the Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic game.

Those are examples of player props in a sportsbook.

For example, you can bet on player points, rebounds, and assists in this case. In fact, you are able to bet if a certain player will be OVER or UNDER a certain number of points.  For example, if you wish to bet on how Jalen Suggs performs the odds are (-105) over 11.5 Points, or (-125) under 11.5 Points.   It's important to follow player trends, stats, team games, opponent matchups, and home/road matchups in determining a prop bet.  


Parlays are when you take individual bets and group them together. Each individual bet is known as a "leg" and all legs must hit for the actual parlay to cash out. Parlays usually have higher odds, depending on how many legs you include, and have the ability to have some serious, lucrative outcomes.  

Overall, Props.Cash is one of the best tools on the market if you're looking to make smarter and more efficient bets. It's an extremely well-oiled machine that can be run on a PC, Mac, tablet, and mobile phone. Loved by casual and advanced bettors, this is one of the most unique and advanced apps to help you increase your betting skills.

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After one month, it reverts back to the full $19.99.

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Sara Jane Gamelli is a full-time Sportswriter at Ballislife, and Sports Content Creator on Twitch and TikTok. She has a focus on the NBA, WNBA, NCAA Basketball, and the NFL. Sara Jane currently resides in Connecticut/NYC area with her Cat and Dog. SJ has her undergraduate degree from the University of Connecticut in Economics, with a minor in business administration.


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