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Through our connections with Deuce Brand, we were able to get an interview a few weeks ago with rookie point guard Nolan Smith of the Portland TrailBlazers. Nolan Smith had a solid 4 year career at Duke which included ACC Player of the Year, First Team All American, and a National Championship in 2010. Nolan is a Deuce Brand Signature Athlete along with a few other professional athletes, and he worked with them on his own signature watch. Ballislife got to ask Nolan a few questions about the NBA Playoffs, Deuce Brand, and more.

BallIsLife: So, with the NBA playoffs in action, which teams do you think will make it to the NBA Finals? Who do you think will take the championship?
Nolan Smith: The NBA finals will be OKC vs Heat, and I think the thunder will win it all! Especially adding fuel to KD's fire, not winning the MVP.

BIL: How was the transition from being a star player on a National Championship Duke team to playing limited minutes for the Trailblazers? What was the most difficult part of the 66 game season? Who's been the biggest help as far as a mentor?
NS: The transition to the NBA was smooth, I came in prepared and ready to play, obviously some coaches at this level just choose to go with their veterans. But that time allowed me to learn, from some of the vets playing. Ray Felton was my biggest mentor, coming from a pg, he was just always willing to teach and reach out to me, so I stayed ready to play.

BIL: Who's the toughest player you've had to guard?
NS: The toughest was Steve Nash, he is very crafty off the pick and rolls, which made him tough to control.

BIL: So, how'd you get involved with Deuce Brand?
NS: I got involved with DeuceBrand through twitter, they saw how active I was with my fans, and how willing I am to have fun, so they asked me to started doing contests, and I also loved the watches!

BIL: Did you have a lot of input for your signature watch?
NS: Yes I designed my signature watch myself, they let me do what I felt was me, and what meant something to me.

BIL: So, what's your plans for the summer? Going anywhere? Just training?
NS: My summer plans, live in the gym! That's what I always do every summer, I've been doing it since I was in high school. I love working and getting better. So that's my plan. DC, Durham, Portland, just working hard.

BIL: Random question: What music have you been listening to? Any new artists? Who's one artist that you listen to no one would suspect you to?
NS: I listen to Wale and Meek Mill, those are my favorite two artist out right now, but I also listen to Lecrae who is a Christian rapper, whose flow can compare to all of the top rappers.

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