Blake Griffin Announces His Retirement On YouTube

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2018 has been a wild year for Blake Griffin. He was traded by the Clippers to the Pistons. He broke up with Kendall Jenner and watched her move on to Ben Simmons (another No. 1 NBA Draft pick awarded the Rookie Of The Year trophy two years after being drafted). He was rumored to have to pay $200,000 a month for child support when it was actually ONLY $32,000. He was in a movie called The Female Brain that grossed $20,000 at the Box office. And now he's announcing his become a musician.

Obviously, the 29-year-old, five-time All-Star isn't really hanging up his Jordans but in his new four-part YouTube series on the Funny or Die network, he's retiring from the world of comedy to pursue a career in music. Why not? Donald Glover made the successful leap from comedian to a well-respected musician...and actor, director, etc, etc.

The cameo-heavy episodes feature everyone from Derek Jeter, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas, Andre Drummond to Conan O’Brien, Jeff Ross, Craig Robinson, Keegan Michael Key and Neal Brennan, who worked with Blake on a few amusing Jordan brand videos back in 2015.

Here are the other three videos courtesy of Red Bull Media House.



Here's a video of Blake trying not to laugh while telling Dad jokes, like,
"What do you call having sex on a camping trip?


Here's the previously mentioned collaboration with Neal Brennan, co-creator of the Chappelle's Show.


And here's a reminder of how nasty Blake can be on the basketball court.




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