Carmelo Anthony's Collapse & The Most Bizarre Moments in NBA History

What's the most bizarre thing you have ever seen during an NBA game?

A great example of a bizarre NBA moment is when Manu Ginobili swatted a live bat in the middle of a Halloween game between the Spurs and Kings and then had to get a rabies shot after the game.

A great recent moment happened earlier this year when controversial ref Eric Lewis missed a late call causing LeBron James to jump around the court before collapsing to the ground while Patrick Beverley walked up to the ref with a camera to show him the missed call.

One of our favorite bizarre moments happened in 2010, when LeBron's banana boat buddy Carmelo Anthony collapsed to the ground after bumping into 215-pound Kevin Durant and laid there for over two minutes while J.R. Smith and his other Denver teammates continued to play. Melo eventually got up, went to the locker room and was asked by one of the team trainers to say the months backwards. Melo responded: "I can't do that regularly."

This moment deserved a deep dive so Zach Harper aka TalkHoops of CINEPHOBE, SIRIUS XM and a bunch of other podcast stopped by the FIRST BALLOT: THE HALL OF FAME PODCAST with host Neil Punsalan to break down everything that happened and why it's so damn funny.

Charles Barkley's reaction

Showtime Codes: 
(06:07) The best part of the entertainment business: laughter
(13:45) The beginning of Neil and Zach Harper's formal friendship
(15:50) How Jerry Seinfeld made Neil want to get into meditation
(19:58) The vocabulary of this moment: splayed!
(26:40) How J.R. Smith took advantage of the moment 
(28:02) Special segment: The Name Game! 
(54:11) Another Game: This or That! 
(01:01:51) More Important: Quick Hitters
(01:04:11) The one player that extraterrestrials should see 




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