Chris Paul Pushes Gordon Hayward In The Back Because He Wouldn't Let Go Of A Loose Ball

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This past weekend, my 12-year old daughter's volleyball team remained winless after taking a fourth straight beatdown. While most of the kids were high-fiving each other and laughing, she stormed off the court saying, "I can't play with these nerds. They don't want to win and I cant' win with them. They need to stick with whatever games nerds play." I replied, "Chill out Chris Paul!" When my wife asked me why I called her the name of the guy she sees in State Farm commercials, I said, "Chris Paul is a competitive crybaby. He's one of the best players in the league (ever) but has a tendency to get too emotional and isn't afraid to show his frustration with opponents and teammates."

In the final minutes of the Clippers GM5 loss to the Jazz, Paul was called for a personal foul and technical for pushing Gordon Hayward in the back after a couple of seconds of wrestling for a loose ball the way my kids wrestle for candy bars. Hayward was also given a tech because...I don't know why. I guess it's like when I punish both of my kids for something just because I don't want to hear who really started it.

If losing Game 5 wasn't frustrating enough, he had to deal with some real stupid questions after the game. As expected, Paul roasted the reporter the way my daughter's coach roasted her for acting so childish.