DeMarcus Cousins Interrupts Seth Curry Interview To Disagree With George Karl

Breaking and shocking news: DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t agree with Coach George Karl.  I’m assuming you know that. And after the Kings destroyed the Mavs on Sunday, Cousins interrupted a postgame interview with new starter Seth Curry, fresh off of scoring 14 points, and said, “You going to be in this league a long time boy. Remember that, a long time!”

The comment by Boogie is most likely a reference to George Karl recently saying Curry is “going to be around for a couple of years. He’s definitely going to have a few more years of someone; I think we have him for one more year.”

Due to a bunch of Kings’ injuries, Karl has given Curry 20+ minutes in the past two Kings games – both wins – and he’s responded with 12 and 14 points. In the other 2 games of 20+ minutes in the past 2 months, Curry had 11 and 19 points.

“I think he’s going to have a bright future, hard worker, never gets down on himself, he’s a confident player.” Said Boogie after Friday’s win. “The biggest thing is he’s a hard worker so I think he’ll always have a spot in this league.”

Rondo also had some positive things to say about Curry.

“Seth is a hard worker, hard work always pays off. He’s definitely a … shooter, he can pass the ball, he can do a lot of things. He had a couple tear drops that was nice tonight as well so sky’s the limit for Seth. He’s young and like I said, the way he works you never know what he can do.”

Source: SacTown Royalty