Internet Reacts To Deron Williams’ Shoe-Polish Hair Look That Carlos Boozer Made Famous

Back in 2015, Carlos Boozer went on “Highly Questionable” to explain what was going through his head (no pun intended) when he decided to “dye” his hair back in 2012. At the end of the segment he said, “it’s been like five years and I’m still hearing about it.”

It was only three then but can say five now thanks to Deron Williams and his shoe polish head in Game 3. As soon as the internet spotted Williams and his shiny head, the Boozer jokes and references started coming in. Somehow, Williams realized it and faked an injury after nine minutes so he could go back to the locker room and wash the paint off.

I’m obviously joking about the injury-faking but Williams did leave the game with a neck injury after shooting 0-2 with two turnovers in just nine minutes. I’m not going to say the Boozer look had anything to do with it but you never know. What I do know is when Deron had waves in Utah, he was a three-time All-Star. An All-Star who probably wouldn’t get out of his chair for another one, even LeBron.

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Before I get into the internet’s reaction to Deron’s hair, here’s an amusing throwback video of LeBron’s former teammates, including Carlos Boozer, talking about LeBron before his rookie season. You gotta love Boozer saying we already have better players at his position on the team.