Epic Duels 2005: Iverson vs Dwyane Wade in OT Thriller

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Dwyane Wade Allen Iverson

Today's Epic Duel takes us back to 2005, when Dwyane Wade was part of the dynamic championship duo of Superman and Flash.

On this night, Flash had to step up big against Allen Iverson and the 76ers with the Big (fill in the blank) still suffering from a stomach virus which kept him out of the previous three games. Wade responded with a career-night of 48 points and 10 rebounds.

"He showed he's a different kind of player by shooting the ball the way he did," Iverson said of Wade after the game. "Our scouting report said let him shoot jumpers. But it didn't work. He just played great."

As great as he was, it wasn't enough as a playoff-hungry AI put up 38 points and 16 assists in the 126-119 OT win.

"It's like a do or die situation," Iverson said. "A loss here or there and we could be out of the playoffs. We understand that. It just says a lot about us."

An upset Superman -- looking more like Clark Kent in this one -- skipped the post game interviews after missing two clutch free throws in the final minute. He also missed 8 of 11 free throws in his limited playing time and only managed 13 points.

"He looked like Shaq to me," Iverson said, smiling.


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