Fan Shockingly Wins Shooting Contest At The Buzzer Then Asks Steph Curry For Multiple Autographs

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Steph Curry

During a TV timeout of the Steph Curry Select Camp All-Star Game on Tuesday, a fan was chosen to compete in a shooting contest for a UA prize pack. The challenge was to make a layup, free throw, three-pointer and a top of the key shot in just 45 seconds.

After making a three on his 6th attempt and only having 10 seconds left to knock down the near half court shot, it seemed very unlikely he was going to be able to do it. He misses the first and then gets an assist from Curry and buries the long shot at the buzzer. Kezar arenas erupts and the fan, players and Steph dance in celebration.

The best part of the video wasn’t the fan winning or his celebration with Curry, it was the demanding fan asking Curry for a photo, then asking him to sign his Curry jersey, taking it off and asking him to sign his Curry shirt underneath!

I’m (jokingly) expecting both autographs and the UA prize pack to be available on Ebay today.


Steph & Seth trying to score on on a crazy Korean show