Finally, A Bad Free Throw Shooter Who Isn't Too Cool To Shoot Underhand Free Throws


Wilt Chamberlain tried shooting underhand for a few games but then quit because he said "I felt like a sissy." Shaq once said he rather shoot 0% than shoot under hand free throws like the great Rick Barry.  Dwight Howard also rejected the thought when Rick Barry personally approached him and asked if he wanted to be trained to make them underhanded.

"I've got good form and I have confidence in my shot," Dwight replied. "I don't need to shoot underhanded free throws."

It doesn't matter that Barry made 60 in a row and shot .947 during his best season with the underhand form, no player is going to shoot them that way because they feel they are too cool for it.

The exception is Louisville's Chinanu Onuaku, who recently showed he's not too cool to do it at the FIBA U19 World Championship. He only made 2 of 4 with the granny style shot but considering he was a 46.7 percent free throw shooter last season, it's a slight improvement.

Good luck Onuaku - although Hack-a-Onuaku has a nice ring to it.