Fresno State's Cezar Guerrero hits 5 straight half-court shots!

Usually when you see a half-court show going down in a college arena the crowd erupts and ear drums are busted from the sounds of people screaming and celebrating because some lucky kid just won a scholarship or some book or just a hug from a bunch of hot cheerleaders.  But not this time at this place.

During Fresno State's "Red and White Hoops Night" former Ballislife All-American Cezar Guerrero hit 5 (not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 in my best LeBron voice) half court shots and the crowd acted like he was shooting free throws.

Well, then I saw the following dunk contest video with Karachi Edo, Isaiah Bailey and Paul Watson and found out why the crowd wasn't that live.

But if you want to see some real Cezar highlights then let's use #TBT to watch some high school clips of Guerrero.