Funniest Reactions To Creepy Young CGI LeBron In Nike’s New Ad

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LeBron James

What’s scarier than “Game 7 LeBron” or “NBA Finals LeBron?”

How about “Young CGI LeBron” from Nike’s new “Tattoo” ad for the NBA Finals?

“Always Believe” is the title card that appears after the spot reveals the person wanting a tattoo that says “Chosen 1” is a young LeBron James in his St. Vince-St. Mary’s hoodie. It’s a cool concept but the CGI face — reminiscent of the emotionless motion-captured faces from Robert Zemeckis’ The Polar Express and historic flop Mars Needs Mom — either made people laugh or creeped them out like Superman’s CGI mouth in the awful Justice League movie.

Before we get to the best and funniest reactions to the ad that takes place in 2002, I want to clear up something about the music. The song heard in the first half is “My Block” by Scarface. The second song is Willie Hutch’s “I Choose You,” not the 2009 UGK classic “International Player’s Anthem,” which samples “I Choose You.”

And the reason why LeBron got the tattoo in 2002 was because Sports Illustrated put him (as a High School junior) on the cover with the headline “The Chosen One – High School junior LeBron James would be an NBA lottery pick right now.”

So here’s the best reactions, starting with Spun’s hilarious parody with Kevin Durant.

“I was startled when they showed his face. What in the Joan Rivers plastic surgery was that?” – Jay Hampton, YouTube

Holly from Polar Express who resembles A$ap Rocky

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The evolution of LeBron in NBA2K.