Giannis Poked In The Eye TWICE Against the Pistons + Top 5 Eye Injuries!

Warning: This post is not for the squeamish!

Early in the third quarter against the Pistons, Giannis Antetokounmpo was poked in the left eye by James Ennis III. While Giannis took a seat on the floor to recover, Ennis took a seat on the bench and was replaced by Stanley "Showing Life" Johnson.

Flash forward to the opening minutes of the fourth quarter and Giannis gets poked in the right eye by Stanley Johnson! If it wasn't bad enough getting a finger in your eyeball, the sometimes blind ref called offensive goaltending on him.

"When I look straight, it's cleared up. When I look down, things are moving," said Antetokounmpo, who left the game with a season-low 11 points. "Hopefully, when I sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow morning it's [better]. Right now, I'll be fine."

So now, let's get into the stuff only fans of Italian Giallo films (shout out to Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi and Dario Argento) and the infamous Un Chien Andalou will enjoy.  Here's my picks for the five "best" basketball clips to watch that deals with eyeballs.


Akil Mitchell's eye popped out like Glenn in The Walking Dead.


Don't worry that's the pupil of Allan Ray not Ray Allen


Draymond cuts Kobe in front of Floyd Mayweather.


Josh Smith gets poked in the eye, bends over in a pain and then teammate Andrew Goudelock inbounds the ball off his ass. Goudelock finished the game with 0 points in 5 minutes.


DeAndre Kane was ejected for doing his best Three Stooges impersonation with Eric Mika