Gregg Popovich tells campers “I don’t really give a s**t what your names are”

Once every so many years (maybe a decade) we will get a nice moment from Gregg Popovich. That touching moment came in April, when Pop was talking to Craig Sager’s son before the Spurs/Mavs game and said “Craig we miss ya, you’ve been an important part of all this for a long time, doing a great job. We want your fanny back on the court and I promise I’ll be nice.”

The Coach Pop we know is the one that thinks “vacation is overrated,” historic moments can be “torture,” wants his team “to have no fun whatsoever” and will politely ask you for your name even though he’s going to forget it because he really doesn’t give a shit who you are.

If you want to see proof of the last reference, then check out the old but classic video above.



Source: Reddit



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