Highest Rated Players Ever In NBA2K to NBA2K19

For the 7th year in a row, NBA2K19 cover athlete LeBron James has had the highest 2K rating. If you want to count ties, then he has had the highest rating in 10 out of the last 12 games; Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Garnett and Chris Paul (people forget how great he was in 2008, when he was arguably robbed of the MVP award) were the other players to share the top spot with the King. But, LeBron has never reached a rating of 100, which has only been reached once: MDE Shaq in NBA2K received the perfect rating during his 3-Peat days in Los Angeles.

Here's a list of the top ratings each year.

NBA 2K: Allen Iverson, 97
NBA 2K1: Kevin Garnett, 99
NBA 2K2: Shaquille O’Neal, 100
NBA 2K3: Shaquille O’Neal, 98
ESPN Basketball: Tim Duncan, 99
ESPN NBA 2K5: Kevin Garnett & Kobe Bryant, 99
NBA 2K6: Tim Duncan & Kevin Garnett, 99
NBA 2K7: Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade & LeBron James, 98
NBA 2K8: Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, 98
NBA 2K9: LeBron James, Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant & Kevin Garnett, 99
NBA 2K10: Kobe Bryant, 97
NBA 2K11: Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant & LeBron James, 97
NBA 2K12: LeBron James, 98
NBA 2K13: LeBron James, 98
NBA 2K14: LeBron James, 99
NBA 2K15: LeBron James, 98
NBA 2K16: LeBron James, 94
NBA 2K17: LeBron James, 96
NBA 2K18: LeBron James, 97

And here's a mixtape of Shaq showing why he deserved the only 100 in franchise history and why he deserved more than one MVP award (Tim Duncan won MVP during the 2001-02 and 02-03 seasons).

And in honor of CP3 getting "robbed," here's a video dedicated to his MVP-worthy season and a Top 10 countdown of his 2009 season.


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