HS Teammates Take Turns Embarrassing a Defender, off the face bounce followed by an ankle breaker

Let's take a break from shaking our heads at how bad Delly played in the final 2 games of the NBA Finals to put a spotlight on this defender who probably regrets going to the 2015 NTBA Summer Jam Fest.

His first forgettable moment came when J.J. Smith (not to be confused with J.R. Smith who had an equally forgettable day as this defender) channeled streetball legend The Bone Collector and threw the ball off the defenders face before scoring on a layup.  The next forgettable moment came seconds later when Smith's teammate, Malik Johnson, broke the defender's ankles before hitting a fadeaway jumper.

All the defender could do was shrug his shoulders and put his head down.  I don't know how he played for the rest of the game but I'm sure at that moment he was feeling like this.

Speaking of LeBron, the Warriors and bounces off the face of a defender, this gives me a good excuse to show Jason Richardson throwing the ball off the face of Jame's former teammate Carlos Boozer.  J-Rich did apologize to the Boozer after the game but the NBA still fined him and Boozer still wanted to punch him in the face.

He did get a little revenge the next time the Cavs and Warriors faced off: Boozer had 19 points, 14 rebounds and a career-high 7 assists in a win - but nobody remembers or cares about any of that.