Inside The NBA Pranks Shaq By Showing Him a Top 10 Centers List With Him at #9

The Inside The NBA crew played a pretty great April Fool's Day prank on Shaquille O'Neal last night. They showed him a fake 'Top 10 Centers' list by Bleacher Report with Shaq at the No. 9 spot -- behind the likes of David Robinson, Alonzo Mourning, Jack Sikma(!) and of course his favorite center in the world: Dwight Howard!

Despite being visibly angry, Shaq stayed pretty quiet while Matt Winer went through the list. Isiah Thomas and Dennis Scott weren't so quiet and got more vocal throughout, especially when they got to Jack Sikma.

Well, at least they had Shaq ahead of No. 10 Brad Miller, who Shaq once almost killed with a sucker punch.

So who would Shaq place on his Top 5 Centers of All-Time list? Assuming his opinion hasn't changed since 2011, he picked Hakeem at #1, followed by Wilt, Kareem, Bill Russell and Fo, Fo, Fo Moses Malone. In the following video, he also gives a shout out to the underrated Jack Sikma, who was ahead of him on the prank list.

I'm assuming you don't know much about the very underrated Sikma. Here's some interesting information about him: Sikma was 6’11, a great rebounder – led the league in defensive boards twice — and found early success in the NBA. After averaging 14 and 11 during his rookie season, he made the first of seven All-Star appearances in his second season, which ended with an NBA championship. After nine seasons in Seattle, where he only made four three-pointers, he was traded to the Bucks and decided to expand his game by showing off his shooting range. After making seven out of 68 threes in his first 11 seasons, he made 195 out of 550 threes in his final three. Yes, you read that correctly. Sikma went from averaging 0.2 three-point attempts a game to 3.2.

What really made Sikma a special big man is he was a great free throw shooter. So great, he’s the only center in NBA history to lead the league (.922) in free throw percentage.

Sikma is also very known to Bulls and Michael Jordan fans because he was involved in a trade rumor that would have sent Sikma to Chicago and Jordan to Seattle. Thankfully for Bulls fans, it didn't happen. What did happen was this...