Jamal Crawford: Sixth Man of the Year Mix

Last week we devoted 6 must see videos of Jamal Crawford honoring his 2nd 6th man of the year award.  Last night, the NBA released an official 6th man of the year mix that you can consider video 6b on the 6 must see list.

I’ll also add his new commercial “Future Legends” for BrandBlack as 6c.  You can thank Christopher Nolan for the darker tone in commercials, shows and films that would have been a little lighter and happier a decade ago.  This cool video plays like a dark reboot of what would have been a corny Reebok Blacktop ad in the 90s (like this).


As a bonus, here’s 6 crazy facts about Crawford.

  • He’s the leader in 4-point plays and has more than the entire Boston Celtics franchise. These are the all-time leaders in 4-point plays
    #2 Reggie Miller has 23, Ray Allen has 13, Dirk has 14, Iverson has 10. Jamal has done it 41 times!
  • Jamal, Bernard King and Wilt are the only players in NBA history to score 50+ with 3 different teams.
  • There’s been three 30pts/10asts games off the bench in the last 18 years. Crawford had 2 this season
  • Only player in NBA history to ever record 31/11/7 off the bench
  • Crawford tore his ACL and Meniscus in 2001.  Has unofficially broken 2001 ankles since.
  • Once had a $4,500 cell phone bill

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