Joakim Noah & Paul Pierce get into a preseason scuffle | Jimmy Butler & the Wizards still don't get along

Paul Pierce must still be a little upset over the time - April 30th of 2009, GM6 of the 2009 playoffs to be exact - Joakim Noah dunked on him.

During last night's Wizard's win over the Bulls, new Wizard Paul Pierce gave Jimmy Butler a hard foul which didn't sit well with Noah who came over and put his hand on Pierce. Paul responded by poking Noah on the head and the next thing you know Tom Thibodeau is getting sandwiched between the two.

The scuffle is pretty much the only thing Pierce did as he finished the game with 2 points on 0-3 shooting in 19 minutes. Noah didn't do much else as he also scored 2 points in 14 minutes. Butler only had 1 field goal but finished with 7 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 almost fights. Besides the Noah/Pierce scuffle, Butler and Kevin Seraphin got into it at the end of the 3rd quarter.

This isn't Butler's first scuffle with the Wizards either. During last year's playoffs he and Nene did some headbutting but atleast the Bulls won that game - which was a little more important than this preseason game.