Justin Jackson - 6'7" freshman from Canada has handles & vision

I don't compare high school kids to greats like Magic Johnson until they put together senior seasons like LeBron. I don't even like to pull out Penny Hardaway or even Walt Williams name when it comes to tall talented high school players that can handle the rock and make Magic like passes but 6'7" 16 year old freshman Justin Jackson looks like another star in the making coming from Ontario, Canada that has all of the tools to become a player that will one day warrant those comparisons.

“I sort of think of myself as a point forward,” Jackson said. “I can dribble, I can shoot, but my main ability is my passing. That’s what a lot of people say: that I have good vision.”

Jackson will attend Henderson (NV) Findlay Prep this fall under new coach Jerome "Junk Yard Dog" Williams who played for the Toronto Raptors. #1 pick Anthony Bennett and #4 pick in 2012 Tristan Thomspon also attended Findlay Prep in the past.

Flashback: The Junk Yard Dog playing for the Raptors



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