Kevin Durant tells a hilarious story about meeting this “white kid” named Stephen Curry 15 years ago

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If you thought hearing James Harden say he “was the best all-around player in the NBA” at the NBA2k15 Uncensored event was amusing, then check out Kevin Durant’s story about meeting Stephen Curry for the first time.

The two NBA greats first crossed paths about 15 years ago at an AAU event in Charlotte, where a 10 year old KD had no idea who the son of NBA player Dell Curry was. All he knew was some “white/yellow” kid was making it rain (splash!) while scoring 35 points against his team.

The only thing funnier than the story is watching Steph crack up to it and the only thing funnier than that, is the look on Anthony Davis’ face and brows (correction – brow) when he realized Steph wan’t white.



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