Kirpatrick McCauley makes history and touches the top of the backboard

In 1969 man walked on the moon.  In 2012 man touched the top of the backboard.

There's the legendary story about 6'0 Earl the Goat Manigault "making change" off the top of the backboard which stands at 13 feet. First off, not only was that a myth but it's a mistaken identity myth that even Earl admitted while filming the movie "Rebound."   The man the myth is about is actually Jumping Jackie Jackson not the Goat but the producers of the movie and everybody else liked the version with Earl better.

Then there's the story that David "Skywalker" Thompson could "make change."   David wont deny the story but his ex teammate Kiki Vandeweghe doesn't believe David or any other man could pull that off.

Amare Stoudamire was once asked about it and he said he was 3-4 inches away but thought maybe LeBron could pull it off.  LeBron said no.  How about 6'11 Dwight Howard who once stuck a sticker of his face at 12 feet during the NBA Dunk Contest.  When asked Dwight said,

"I can. I've never heard of anyone else that can do it but I can get up there. I did it in high school when I was seventeen for the first time. Now, I can't grab stuff off of it but I can get up there."

When ESPN tried to setup a time to document this miracle with Dwight and the Magic it never happened.

The one man I thought would be able to pull this off was James "Flight" White who is able to do a between the legs dunk from the free throw line.  10 years ago, I would of said jumping from the free throw line and doing an Eastbay would be much more difficult than touching the top of the backboard.   Unlike Dwight, Flight was willing to try in front of the cameras and came so close but no cigar.

So here we are years later and out of nowhere comes Kirpatrick McCauley attempting to make history at Venice Beach.  With Styles P "I Get High" playing in the background, the 6'8 McCauley attempted and succeeded to touch 13 feet in the air.  The crowd went nuts and Neil Armstrong applauded from heaven as man has finally been able to touch the height of the backboard.

Thanks to ESPN for some of the data


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