Kyle Anderson wished he could play for the Spurs, Watch his reaction when the Spurs draft him

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Kyle Anderson

Nothing can really prepare you for that moment when the NBA commissioner calls your name and lets you know that your dream of becoming a NBA player is about to happen.  For some, like Kyle Anderson, that dream is a little bit more dreamy when the team that you want to play with picks you.

In the above video, it starts with the UCLA standout, back in April, telling a group of kids how “beautiful” the Spurs game is and how he would love to play for them.  Then it cuts to Adam Silver announcing that the San Antonio Spurs have selected Kyle with the 30th pick in last week’s NBA draft.  His reaction is also “beautiful.”

If you go to his Twitter account @KyleAnderson5 you will notice in his bio it says “Rookie for the San Antonio Spurs! #GoSpursGo.”

The footage is from an upcoming documentary on Kyle called “Slow Mo.”



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