Kyrie Irving vs Lowry & Butler in USA Practice Reminds Us Of The Hilarious Time He Challenged Kobe 1-on-1

Here's NBA champion Kyrie Irving showing off a few of his 1-on-1 Uncle Drew moves against Kyle Lowry and Jimmy Butler during Day 1 of Team USA practice.

The video brings back some great memories from the 2012 Team USA practices, specifically the memory of a Irving challenging a still-healthy Kobe Bryant to a game of 1-on-1 for $50k.

"This is not a high school kid coming to you, Kobe, Kobe, oh my God" Irving says. "This is me, coming to talk to you, one-on-one."

An insulted looking Kobe, who claims he has never lost a game of 1-on-1, verbally roasted the young blood for making the challenge.

I'll cut it to 25 just for you.

But I know your dad don’t think you can beat me 1 on 1. I know that. I know that. Get your dad on the phone right now. Be like Pops, I’m trying to bet Kobe 50 grand I can beat him 1 on 1. He’ll be like, Son, are you crazy? Are you crazy?

Easy money, Easy money.

The two then had an amusing exchange after they shook hands on a future game.

"He thinks he's talking to a high school kid." Says Irving to the camera.

"You just came out of high school, kid!" Bryant yells.

"I just came out of college!" Irving replies. "You came out of high school!"

"You played two games in college," Bryant responds. "You played two games. You are a high school kid."

Irving actually played 11 games during 1 season at Duke.

During an interview the following day, Kobe admitted he's never seen Irving play before the Team USA practices but complimented what he's seen so far from him during the practices and scrimmages, like this behind-the-back crossover move.

They never did have their $50k 1-on-1 game but a few months after winning gold together, the two had this memorable 1-on-1 moment during the regular season.

Don't feel too bad for Irving, Kobe would become his mentor and friend over the years and in the 2016 NBA Finals, Irving made Kobe and his pops proud by destroying every Golden State Warrior 1-on-1 on his way to his first NBA championship.