Larry Bird vs LeBron James after 10 years in the league - Better comparison than MJ?

The most tired comparisons in basketball are LeBron vs Jordan.  Jordan vs Kobe. Kobe vs Jordan.  Kobe vs LeBron.  Only great shooters and white people are compared to Larry Bird but the greatest Celtic ever and Top 5 player ever (IMO), might be a better comparison to LeBron than Jordan.

Let's take a look at some stats and accolades of the two great players after 10 years in the league (thanks to Kadillac87 for the data).   I'm not setting this up as an argument to say who is better or will end up better between the two multi-dimensional forwards, I'm just pointing out that after a decade it's surprising how similar their careers look on paper.

Worth noting, Bird only played a 132 more games in his career than LeBron after 10 seasons.  Although Bird was able to average 20/10/7 in those remaining seasons he was suffering a major injury.

3X NBA Champion
2X Finals MVP
9X NBA All-Star
9X All-NBA First Team

2X NBA Champion
2X Finals MVP
9X NBA All-Star
7X All-NBA First Team



(anybody have $2k I can borrow so I can buy this card?)

For the people that rather talk about MJ and LeBron.


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