LeBron gives dap to RG3 but ignores fan

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LeBron James Jordan Crawford

Remember that hilarious clip from a week ago when LeBron left a guy hanging?

Last night, future NFL great RG3 was in attendance to watch the Wizards beat the Heat and LeBron came over to give him some dap.  Then some non NFL player walks up with his hand extended saying "LeBron, LeBron" and of course LeBron leaves him hanging.  Lucky for the fan there was another star for him to bug so he turned to RG3 and hoped he would be willing to give some love.....no luck!

A reporter asked LeBron about his moment with RG3 but didn't mention the dissed fan.

LeBron also had a monster triple double but it somehow wasn't enough against Jordan Crawford and the Wizards. Unfortunately for LeBron, Nike can't confiscate this Crawford tape.

Not to make LeBron sound like a bad guy, he did make this little kids day.

Also, for the people that say we are too critical of LeBron. It's all in fun, we appreciate him and his game more than most especially since we have worked with LeBron in person and on multiple projects for the past few years.  We are just as quick to post something positive or impressive from the King as we are with "news" like this.  Being the best makes you an easy target and you have to admit that LeBron does give his haters a lot of ammo.





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