LeBron's Full (Of F-Bombs) Epic Speech/Roast At Cavs Championship Parade

LeBron didn't have a prepared speech for the 1+ million fans that showed up for the Cavs Championship parade on Wednesday but he did have almost 16 minutes of things to say about his teammates and certain opponents during an epic speech/roast in the style of Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame speech.

Here's a few of the most amusing moments.

On Kyrie Irving, "He thought I was blowing smoke up his ass when I said he can be the best point guard in the league and be the MVP in our league."

On Dahntay Jones, "He's the luckiest man in the world. We picked his ass up like 2 months ago."

On JR Smith, "New York Knicks said JR Smith was  throw-in by the way. Yeah."

On Mozgov, "He's a big mother fucker, ain't he."

On Shumpert, "I don't know if he would go head first because he loves his haircut, but he would go face first."

On Delly, "Delly would tear that damn bear up."

On Kevin Love's "stop" on Steph Curry, "The stop, that was on a 2 x MVP by the way. We got that stop, but I'm going to let that go."