Matt Barnes Goes After John Henson Into Tunnel After Henson's Nasty Rejection, Taunt & Ejection

We don't know for a fact that Matt Barnes ande John Henson got into a fight after the Grizzlies and Bucks game. We do know the mark on John Henson's face in the video above was not not there when he was ejected with 5.5 seconds left in the game. We also know Matt Barnes is one person you do not want to piss off - ask Derek Fisher.

Let's backup a little.

With a little less than 4 minutes left in the Bucks 96-86 victory, Henson was called for a tech and a flagrant foul 1 for  throwing Lance Stephenson to the ground.

As much as Stephenson probably wanted to punch Henson, he wisely walked away.

Then with 5.5 seconds left in the game, Henson had the block of the night on a Matt Barnes layup, the stare down of the week and the mean-muggin face of the year, which just put a bigger smile on Barnes face than the time Serge Ibaka tried to get tough with him.

The stripes rewarded the two with techs, which resulted in an automatic ejection for Henson. Seemingly not giving a damn, the still pumped up Henson celebrated on his way to the locker room by throwing his jersey into the crowd and waving his arms in the air.

"That's not the type of kid that John is," Memphis center Ryan Hollins said after the game. "He's a really great kid, a shot blocker. I thought he played great tonight. So maybe it was just those emotions coming out. That's not his personality. Hopefully, no one loses any money over something that silly."

After some discussion with the refs, Barnes left the game and ran down the same tunnel with 5.5 seconds still left in the game.

You can use your imagination and guess what happened between this video and the video interview above.

My imagination is telling me something like this might have happened....

And Henson probably pulled a Kobe thinking Matt Barnes wasn't really going to hit him.

I guess we will never really know what happened and it will be a mystery, just like the meaning of an "Ejection: No Ejection."