Metta World Peace Watches His Son, Ron Artest III, Take on Shareef O’Neal at Ron Massey Classic

If you grew up watching ball in the 90s and early 00s, then watching current high school mixtapes of the sons of your favorite players can get a little depressing.  At the same time, it’s pretty exciting and awesome to see those little kids from behind the scenes videos, practices and interviews 10-15 years ago, grow into talented men, who are not only walking in their father’s footsteps but showing off their own unique identity and game.

At the recent Ron Massey classic, Shaq’s son Shareef showed off his dunking ability as well as his shooting touch while Metta World Peace’s son, Ron Artest III, looked like a young Ron Artest with his defensive-minded power game that left a few players on the ground.

Shareef finished with 18 points while Artest the 3rd had 14.

BONUS VID: Shareef & Shaqir O’neal playing with Jaxon Williams