Mini Steph Curry Found In The Bay Area!

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This past weekend we randomly came across this little kid in the Bay wearing #30 like....I won't say it. He was taking and making 3-pointers in the face of taller defenders like... you know who. He also had handles and was making fancy passes....just like a certain NBA star in the Bay!

I know. I know. Why are we over hyping some middle school kid and calling him the next Steph Curry?  We're not. We aren't calling him the next anything. We are just doing exactly what the little hooper was doing: having fun. And we thought others would find him as entertaining as we did, so here we are.

But I must mention that Steph Curry was an unknown hooper at that age too.  And, even though he had game, lots of potential, one of the best shooters ever as a Dad, and an appearance in a Burger King commercial (for whatever that's worth), Curry was an unheralded high school prospect that nobody, but probably Steph and his family, thought was NBA material. Look at him now!

Oh, I also forgot to mention the little hooper's name, it's Curry, Jerell Curry.


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