NBA Impersonator Brandon Armstrong Wins Celeb Game MVP (16 Points, 15 Boards & 1 Great James Harden Euro-Step)

A few hours before the NBA Celeb Game, we posted a video of Brandon Armstrong aka BdotAdot5 aka The NBA Impersonator going off in a recent Celeb Superbowl game and said, "Don't be surprised if NBA impersonator BdotAdot5 wins MVP of the celeb game. He's got game and serious range."

A few hours later, he backed-up our words, showed the world his game and serious range and won MVP of the event we have been saying for years he needs to be in.

Besides putting up 16 points and 15 rebounds, Armstrong also pulled off a great James Harden impersonation by doing the longest euro-step in basketball history.

Congrats Bdot, you have come a long way since posting these still hilarious Vine and YouTube clips in 2015.