NBA releases new 'concussion policy'

The NBA has a new policy designed which protects players from long-term impact of concussions. On Monday, the league announced the purpose of this policy, which determines when a player is healthy enough to return after a head injury.

The protocols actually went into effect Friday, the beginning of training camp for the safety and protection of the players. The program will run by Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, one of the world's leading experts on sports and head injuries.

The policies are quite simple. If an athlete suffers from a concussion during a game, they will have to sustain a series of tests before they can return to the court. Once free of symptoms, the player then has to go through a set of stages such as stationary biking, jogging, and non-contact team drills to assure that no symptoms return. All of the head-injury information, including the diagnosis, treatment, and any long-term impact will be kept on file.

All players are also required to get an annual baseline neurological exam and cognitive assessment.


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