Pangos All-South Notebook I

Duncanville Fieldhouse was the location this weekend for the 2023 Pangos All South Fr/So Camp, one of the most anticipated regional camps we have in the South Region. I left the gym at 10pm on Saturday and saw plenty of hoops throughout the day. Let's get to my first notebook

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Jacob Lanier Put on A Scoring Exhibition

I remember my first time watching 2026 Jacob Lanier at this camp last year and he was impressive. This year, he’s been dominant. Scoring on all three levels, exhibiting improved vertical pop and composure with the ball in his hands. He averaged 37 ppg on Saturday and turned in a Camp MOP-worthy performance on the first day.

Dorion Bowen Will Be A Common Name

I had a few people call me about any surprise-type players in this event and Dorion Bowen was the first player I had in mind. A 6’5 guard out of Memphis that can impact games with his passing and scoring. He’s selfless, maybe at times to a fault, but he wants to win, too. If it requires scoring, he’ll do that with finishes at the rim and an occasional deep jumper when defenses go under on ball-screens. An intuitive passer that puts his teammates in position to score. He's a high major prospect that will be in the national polls once more guys get their eyes on him. 

2026 Standouts

Seven Spurlock, 6’6 Guard - Frisco Memorial (TX): Strong built guard that plays with power. Lefty that initiates contact on drives and finishes at the rim. Dunks in the open court, flashed his improved jumper and looked like a man amongst boys at moments. A name to know in 2026 that’s receiving high major recruitment.

Trent Perry, 6’4 Wing-Guard - Frisco Lone Star (TX): To me was the best prospect in this camp last year and he’s having another quality outing this year. Long, athletic, sports cleaner mechanics on his jumper and saw him connect off the bounce. A real problem in transition or in space because he makes athletic, coordinated plays no-one else at the camp can do. Perry showed why he’s ranked nationally.

Armon Almuttar, 6’4 Wing - Parish Episcopal (TX): He’s someone that coaches and evaluators will try to figure out what he is from a positional standpoint. He’s 6’4, but plays like he’s 6’8. He doesn’t have a crazy strong handle but it’s hard to rip him because he has a stocky frame and broad shoulders. He’s not speeding past guys but he’s so strong that he creates space with his frame off the bounce.

Almuttar is a basketball player at the end of the day...He rebounds, he knows how to use his body and although the shot has improved, it has ways to go. He’s confident in it, however, and it'll go in from time to time. I can’t pinpoint what level he projects to but Almuttar is a D1 prospect and what he can become at his peak; he’ll be a matchup nightmare.

Silas Rodriguez, 6’4 SG - Denton Guyer (TX): Scored it well and efficiently. Silas shoots with range and can attack closeouts a lot better than he could a year ago. I can tell he’s worked on his body and ball handling as he’s more comfortable making plays off the bounce. Two 20 plus point game performances on Saturday.

Nasir Price, 6’4 PG - Seven Lakes (TX): Adequate positional size and length, Nasir exhibited a balance in his playmaking and scoring. Was strong in transition, saw some scoring off the bounce where he created separation with his fades and step-backs where I think there’s a lot of promise with. 

Bryce Dixon, 6’4 Wing - The Colony (TX) Tough minded wing that plays through contact. Saw a lot of grab and going after securing rebounds; Dixon plays with an edge and inner confidence that allows him to make his presence felt on the court. Just gets things done on the court. 

Bo Ogden, 6’6 Wing - St. Michaels (TX): Talk about someone that’s improved body and handle. Bo Ogden first hit my radar as a freshman at the TABC Scholastic Event in 2022 and he was connecting from deep in spot-up situations. He’s now comfortable attacking with either hand, solid at finishing at the rim and still lethal shooting from 3-point land. 

Davion Adkins, 6’8 PF - Faith Family (TX): Lefty with an ideal athletic and physical profile. Plays above the rim, covers ground on defense, rebounds out of his area and expanding his offensive game. Offensively Adkins shows real upside because he can mix it up. Either that’s rim running and finishing, making an open jumper, a driver to the rim, offensive rebound/putback guy, there’s a multitude of ways Adkins can score the basketball but once he figures out the right blend he’ll be a problem.

James Sanderson, 6’2 2/1 CG - Frisco Emerson (TX): Definitely in the scoring guard prototype, Sanderson is an adequate shot creator and is a willing passer. Albeit being very good at scoring, Sanderson uses the gravity he generates from the defense to find the open man in the half-court setting. Impressive outing. 

Ethan Sheets, 6’8 SF/PF - Denton: Good positional size and someone that can expand the court for the offense. Seen him make shots as a trail guy, spot-up on the wing and ran the floors well to get the ball and finish. Crazy upside with this one if he figures it out.

Alex Barther, 6’6 Guard - Eastern Hills (TX): Was solid. A big guard prospect that looked more comfortable on pull-up shots and was at his best when he was assertive with the ball and getting to the rim. Have seen him play better, but Barther showed why he’s receiving high major recruitment.

Jacori Jones, 6’ PG - Denton Braswell (TX): Lefty guard that can shoot with range. Gets in a rhythm well off the dribble and connects well off the bounce. Crafty as a finisher and knows how to contort his body vs rim protectors to finish. Can over dribble at times, but I thought overall was really good. 


DJ Ogoemeka, 6’11 C - WT White (TX)

Chandler Cornell, 5’10 PG - Lone Star (TX)

Solomon Bradshaw, 5’9 PG - Universal Academy (TX)

Luke Susko, 6’5 SF - Flower Mound Marcus (TX)

Phoenix Woodson, 6’7 PF - Crossings Christian (OK)

Lance Williams, 6’7 PF - Ischool (TX)

Chaz Wallace, 5’9 PG - Crandall (TX)

Robert Moore, 6’ PG - Keller Timber-Creek (TX)

Kingston Willis, 5’11 PG - Faith Family (TX)

Kelan Collins, 5’8 PG - Mexia (TX)

2027 & 2028 Standouts

Dawson Battie, 2027 6’7 SF - St. Marks (TX): Dawson will be someone known nationally when it’s time for that class. He has size, perimeter skills and his motor is coming along. Versatile offensively as he can play multiple spots and score it in multiple ways. 

Isaac Hayes, 2027 5’9 PG - North Crowley (TX): Productive lead guard that’s tough. Gets paint touches and makes the right play. Keeps his dribble alive and makes effective passes off the live dribble. Not a game I’ve seen in the fall period, where Isaac hasn’t made a positive impact to some capacity.

Terrell Jackson, 2028 6’8 C - Berry MS (TX): The big fella will be really good in high school. Coming along nicely as he understands how to rebound, use length to alter shots at the rim and offensively plays through contact on finishes. He’s raw and has a long way to go but what he’ll be at 18 yrs old can be something serious. 

DeMarrion Wickware, 20276’5 PF/SF - Kimball (TX): A skilled tweener that can mix it up inside and out. He’s a tough cover due to his size, touch and footwork. Looks to still be growing and has baby fat on him. Best basketball is ahead of him. 

Brandon Wright, 2027 6’2 CG - Little Rock Central (AR): A combo that played either guard position comfortably. Has a good feel as a passer, but Wright had the intent to score on Saturday. Off the dribble shooting and ability to the paint and score. 

King Gibson, 2027 6’4 Guard/Wing - The Burlington School (NC): Best 2027 prospect at the camp. Athletic, plays above the rim, capable shooter and has a plus wingspan. Been one of the best 2027 prospects I’ve seen nationally so far.

Kameron Hicks, 2027 6’2 Guard - Little Rock Christian Academy (AR): I like Kameron a lot. Rebounds well for a guard, understanding in a camp setting, if he wants to receive more touches, go rebound and push. A scorer that played through contact and showed adequate pull-up game.

James McCall Spears, 2027 6’6 PF: Lakeview (TX): He’s one that may be a late bloomer, but he may end up in the upper tier of his class when it’s all said and done. Skilled on the block and has footwork and touch. A broad frame and looks like he’s still growing. We’ll come back to this article in two or three years.

Tyrone Jamison, 2027 6’2 PG - Calvary Christian (LA): Last but definitely not least is Tyrone Jamison. He was the best 2027 guard at the camp. How fluid he is with the ball in his hands, his shooting stroke and play-making prowess stood out for me. He quickly came to my radar the first possession I saw the ball in his hands.


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